About Ping Tat

Ping Tat Software and Technology Company has provided various services for Hong Kong government departments, universities, non-profit organizations and SMEs since 2003.

Our professional services include advertising design, web design, online software production, eDM email advertising design, graphic design, logo design, animated web banner design, electronic greeting card design, etc.

We also provide domain name registration, web hosting, software, Chinese and English typing, transcription services, etc.

Why Choose Us?

Other Than Designs

Apart from designing services for clients...



Ping Tat is willing to give back to the community, be enthusiastic about public welfare, and donate to the proverty in Hong Kong and other countries. Helping people in need which is the foundation of happiness, hope you will concern about the proverty and help them.....

About Our Clients

Ping Tat's clients come from different sectors and engage in different businesses, including Hong Kong government departments, academic institutions, universities, non-profit organizations, SMEs, etc.

The following are some of Ping Tat's clients and services, and there are many more which can't be recorded.

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Ping Tat has already had 18 years experiences in advertising design and I.T. services, we are your wise choice!